STROITELI - magazine for construction equipment and toolsyear XII, issue 7, 2018

Water or wastewater treatment plant has to be considered as an investment for future generations

Conversation with Mr. Marc-Andre Lyachenko, Regional Sales Manager Europe, Bilfinger Water Technologies

Water or wastewater treatment plant has to be considered as an investment for future generations

Mr. Lyachenko, the company supplies systems, components and services for water and wastewater treatment. Would you tell us more about the activities of the company on the bulgarian market?
Our company, with the brands PASSAVANT«, GEIGER«, JOHNSONS SCREENS«, NOGGERATH« and ROEDIGER«, is on the global water and wastewater market since many decades. We have grown signifficantly over the last 20 years with acquisitions of many specialized technologies and currently provide a wide range of solutions and products for the water and wastewater market. This ranges from highly specialized industrial applications, especially with our brand JOHNSONS SCREENS«, to applications for conventional water andwastewater treatment for municipal and industrial applications.

For the Bulgarian market in specific, we are currently focusing on solutions for wastewater treatment plants as well as on wastewater collection systems with our cost effective ROEDIGER« vacuum sewer system technology. In the potable water sector, we are looking into opportunities for our Triton Underdrain SystemTM as an effective alternative to nozzle floor systems for gravity sand filters. Bulgaria has very ambitious plans regarding the implementation of municipal water and wastewater infrastructure as part of the EU Enviromental Programme. Accordingly, we are currently supporting local designers and contractors with our expertise and knowledge and consequently with solutions that can utilise our products. Looking at municipal wastewater treatment plants, we can offer the full spectrum starting from mechanical treatment to biological treatment with our world-wide known and extremely reliable PASSAVANT« Mammoth Rotors as well as scraper technology, to tertiary treatment solutions and sludge treatment.

As indicated, another focus lies on drinking water plants, which is a huge market in Bulgaria for both, development of new plants and as well as refurbishment of old plants. Within this sector, our portfolio ranges from water intake and micro screening solutions to the already mentioned Triton Underdrain SystemTM for gravity sand filters.

For all our products, we always have the total life cycle costs in mind and therefore set great value on quality and reliability. Although many of our products and solutions are known amongst local companies, the expert knowledge is not necessary available in the local market in order to implement them into the projects. Our aim as responsible company is not only the supply of products but also the supply of good practises. Eventually, any water or wastewater treatment plant hast to work for many decades and has therefore to be considered as an investment for future generations.

Would you present some innovative systems and technological solutions. What kind of characteristics and applications do they have?
The water and wastewater market is not considered as the most innovative market as the technologies are already pretty advanced and a lot of innovation takes rather place on improvements of existing technologies and products.

However, as a result of our constant research and development, we do in fact have some very exciting and innovative technologies in our portfolio. Our AQUALOGIC« process control software is such an innovation and has been developed to optimize exhisting and new plants in terms of energy consumption and treated effluent quality. We have realized far more than 300 AQUALOGIC« installations in Europe so far with outstanding and proven results of up to 35% energy savings on existing plants. Compared to other solutions on the market, our software is fuzzy-logic based and therefore can conduct real-time measurements and controls on almost any plant. The range of control is very flexible and ranges from simple control assistance to almost full takeover of the plant operation. The software can be implemented into the treatment process of exhisting plants to help operators to get the best results out of their existing equipment. For new plants, the technology allows, if it is implemented in an early stage design, to optimize the design of the treatment plant and consequently to make it more cost effective in terms of size and required equipment from the beginning.

Another innovative solution we are offering in Bulgaria and which has already been implemented with great succes in Europe and specifically in East Europe is the Triton Underdrain SystemTM for gravity sand filters in drinking water plants or for tertiary treatment of wastewater treatment plants. The Triton Underdrain SystemTM offers maximum surface area to optimize filtration efficiency, covers the entire filter area and improves backwashing results. Thus, water and energy consumption can be optimized. In addition, the stainless steel Triton Underdrain SystemTM is extremely reliable and durable with expected zero-maintenance life cycles of 15+ years and without requirements for spare parts for the drains. Due to the simplicity and effectivity of the system, design and construction time as well as costs can be minimized and therefore cost effective solutions can be achieved. Especially for the large number of existing plants which will have to undergo extensive refurbishment works, the Triton Underdrain SystemTM has a great potential.

Would you share your expectations for your development on the Bulgarian market? What goals have you set for this year?
Bulgaria is a very interesting and certainly upcoming market in East Europe due to the ambitious EU Environmental Programme and the huge investments that will have to be done within this sector.

We do have a very sustainable approach and therefore are not only looking into short terms opportunities but aim for a mid and long term involvement in the Bulgarian market. So despite our normal daily business, our main activity is currently the support of local water and wastewater companies and water utility providers. We give advice about technologies and products for ongoing and upcoming projects for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications.

Our ROEDIGER vacuum sewer technology is certainly one of the most exciting technologies for the Bulgarian market. Especially for small and medium size settlements in flat areas, ecological sensitive areas, areas along the river bodies and coasts but even in other areas can benefit from this technology which is already successfully utilised in almost every corner of the world since many decades. Low capital investments costs and a very fast implementation time along with low to moderate operation and maintenance efforts are the main benefits of our vacuum sewer system technology.