STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

BISOGREEN the green wall-building program

BISOGREEN  the green wall-building program

Pure nature for the entire wall area - the raw materials for BISOGREEN-bricks are ecologically responsible and energy efficient building materials derived from nature: expanded silicate, limestone and air. Natural expanded silicate is a highly insulating lightweight aggregate with an eco-balance. The binder lime has optimal properties for moisture regulation that actively supports the pleasant indoor climate.
Recently, lime-bound building materials are experiencing a growing demand, because in today's interior design it is not only about optics but increasingly about the question of ecological and health aspects of buildings. Bisotherm therefore offers for homogeneous shell construction a complete product range based on limestone. It includes highly insulating wall blocks for the exterior walls, high load bearing interior wall blocks with excellent static and sound insulation ratings and required additional blocks for linear and height leveling. The BISOGREEN-interior lime plaster and BISOGREEN-exterior lime plaster complete the wall structure into a fully integrated system. The 100% coordinated wall construction program provides a healthy indoor living climate. BISOGREEN is used for the construction of homes, day care centers, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and office buildings.