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3rd International Holcim Awards competitions attract entries for construction projects and visions to be pursued in 146 countries on all continents

3rd International Holcim Awards competitions attract entries for construction projects and visions to be pursued in 146 countries on all continents

The USD 2 million Holcim Awards competitions for sustainable construction projects and visions has attracted 6,065 submissions. The number of entries and countries participating has grown strongly since the previous competition and is further evidence that sustainability has become a firmly-entrenched core topic within building and construction. Submissions will now be screened for compliance with the rules of the Holcim Awards before the evaluation by five juries of internationally-renowned architects and academics takes place.

Submissions for projects located in 146 countries show that the move towards sustainable construction is a global concern, implemented by multi-disciplinary partnerships and many international teams. The Holcim Awards competitions are conducted in parallel in five geographical regions. The greatest number of submissions were received for projects in Latin America (29%), followed by Asia Pacific (27%), Europe (25%), North America (10%) and Africa Middle East (8%). The most significant increase in participation was registered in North America (+73%), the highest number of Holcim Awards (main category) submissions was from Asia Pacific, and the largest participation in the "Next Generation" (student category) was from Latin America.

All fully-completed entries will now undergo a formal check by Berlin-based architecture and urban design consultants. Valid entries will then be presented to an independent jury panel in the region where the project is to be constructed (or where the project was conceptualized for the student category). Each jury will examine a broad range of between 150 and 550 detailed submissions for building and civil engineering works, landscape, urban design and infrastructure, and materials, products and construction technologies.

The juries will evaluate entries using the "target issues" implemented by the Holcim Foundation which examine each project's contribution to sustainable construction across a broad spectrum of themes including the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social, and economic performance. An additional "target issue" applies specifically to architecture and a final element recognizes the need for innovation and transferable approaches.

Winners will be informed as soon as the jury decisions are verified and the jury reports validated. The results of the regional Holcim Awards competitions will be announced at ceremonies in late 2011 in Milan, Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Casablanca and Singapore and communicated to all participants.

The Holcim Awards competitions encourage architects, planners, engineers, project owners and university students to share their projects and visions that go beyond conventional notions of sustainable construction. The competition is an initiative of the Swiss-based Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. The foundation promotes sustainable responses to the technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affecting building and construction. It is supported by Holcim Ltd, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand) as well as further activities such as ready-mix concrete and asphalt including services. The Holcim Group holds majority and minority interests in around 70 countries on all continents.