STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XVIII, issue 5, 2021

More than 70 years German company Layher offers innovations in scaffolding systems

Conversation with Mr. Mladen Zahariev, Manager of Layher Bulgaria

More than 70 years German company Layher offers innovations in scaffolding systems

At the beginning of our conversation let's start with a brief presentation of the company. This year is the 70th anniversary of the company. How would you describe the company's development so far and the successful presence in the construction market?
For more than 70 years now, Layher has been the undisputed pioneer for top-class scaffolding systems “made in Germany”. With our ideas, this future-looking and highly innovative family-owned company has continually been giving vital new impulses to scaffolding construction and profoundly influenced developments. Every day, more than 1,500 highly qualified and motivated employees are creating “more possibilities” – at the highly automated headquarters in Gueglingen-Eibensbach or at the sales subsidiaries in more than 35 countries all over the world.

Would you tell how is the company presented at the Bulgarian market?
The company Layher EOOD was established in Sofia in 2008 as a branch of the world leader in scaffolding - Wilhelm Layher GmbH. Now we have in stock over 300 tons of facade and modular scaffolding, also aluminum mobile towers. We are able to arrange delivery every where in Bulgaria.

We offer technical advices for projects in AutoCad and LayPlan, according to the specific site and customer requirements for installation of the scaffolding.

We provide training and demonstrations about work with scaffolding, by focusing on safety and increasing the efficiency of the work process on the jobsite. We have all necessary technical documents and certificates according to BDS EN12811.

We have different types of customers. Some of them work in the construction and maintenance in Industry. For examples some of them works in Lukoil, Solvay Sodi, KCM, Maritsa East, Chelopech Mining, Aurubis etc.

Others of our customers work in the field of civil engineering. Last but not least we take part in the construction of major music and sport events through our systems for stages.

Currently, together with our colleagues from the Bulgarian Association of Scaffolding and the Agency of Safety Work, we are working on a project for a new regulations for safety work with scaffolding.

Would you like to outline the product range. Will you focus on a specific product or system solution? Tell us more about its application.
SpeedyScaf, as the first frame scaffolding, revolutionized façade scaffolding construction. With its bolt-free wedge-head connection technology, Allround Scaffolding has become established all over the world as a synonym for modular scaffolding. Layher has recently presented a further milestone: Allround Scaffolding Lightweight – the new dimension of scaffolding. Our goal was to reduce the weight of our components for better and easier handling and to increase the load bearing capacities at the same time.

But Layher not only means high-quality scaffolding but also all kinds of site access, rolling towers and ladders as well as protective systems, for instance temporary roof structures and the protect system for site encapsulations that permit work regardless of the weather.

The fast solution – Layher SpeedyScaf
Layher SpeedyScaf lives up to its name. With just six basic elements and a few manual operations, this classic Layher equipment will "speedily" provide a secure base for all work. Since its launch in 1965, it has become the recognised leader amongst insertion-frame systems. The basic element of SpeedyScaf equipment is the "Euro Speedy Frame" allowing rapid perpendicular assembly. Thanks to few basic components, uncomplicated and bolt-free insertion and a logical assembly sequence, frame scaffolding permits time and money to be saved during assembly, and quickly provides a safe working surface for all construction workers. With a variety of elements to choose from, Layher SpeedScaf is extremely versatile, and suitable for both scaffolders and for other construction-industry professionals. It is a solution that is robust, strong, and extremely fast, making it ideal for work on building façades.

Allround Scaffolding Lightweight – the new dimension in scaffolding
With its unique connection technology and unbeatably fast assembly, Layher’s Allround equipment has become synonymous with modular scaffolding. It does full justice to its reputation as an “all-rounder” thanks to a comprehensive range of parts: the unmatched variety of its uses – besides work and protective scaffolding that adapts flexibly to every geometrical situation – includes shoring and birdcage scaffolding, vertical accesses, stairways, trench bridges, temporary bridges, cable bridges and walkways.
Layher is able to present once again a new dimension in scaffolding with Allround Scaffolding Lightweight (LW) – new in terms of efficiency and in respect of working safety. The modular system scaffolding scores highly thanks to the use of high-tensile steel grades with components that are considerably lighter yet have stronger connections, and an innovative AutoLock function for self-locking wedge-head connection. So Layher is once again setting standards: with assembly that’s considerably faster and at the same time safer, with a higher transport capacity – and not least reduced physical strain for erectors.

Superlative Weather Protection – the Layher Keder Roof XL
The ideal solution for large span: the new Keder Roof XL from Layher. This particularly lightweight and aesthetically pleasing weather protection roof not only covers roof widths of up to 40 metres, but also ensures rapid assembly: this is thanks to fewer and lighter components made of aluminium with an integrated Keder section, to the ingenious connection technology using a snap-on claw, and to the detailed instructions for assembly and use together with material lists and load-bearing capacity lists. Layher’s software LayPlan also makes planning easier and faster.
There is also a focus on flexibility: with its comprehensive kit system, the Keder Roof XL can be optimally adapted to the prevailing situation using standard components: as a mono-pitch roof with variable roof angle, as a double-pitch roof or as a polygonal barrel roof, allowing the right structural shape to be created for every application – even in the case of curved roadways. The remarkably low weight of the entire roof structure also means that it can be used for areas which must not be subjected to heavy loads. This innovation made by Layher is also perfectly suited to building work even in winter, as heavy snow loads of up to 100 kilos per square metre can be absorbed without any problem in the case of medium-sized spans.

Protect System for efficient site protection
Site protection is increasingly important when it comes to the punctual performance of building work: that includes not only temporary roofs, but also wall or façade coverings. The latter ensure double protection: sites are on the one hand protected from environmental effects such as rain and snow, which effectively prevents site shutdowns or breaks in production. Conversely, façade coverings protect the environment from the effects of construction work, such as dust, noise or falling objects. The effective Protect System from Layher consists of tight cassette elements easily fitted on the scaffolding and made from an aluminium frame, optionally filled by a galvanized steel sheet or a translucent plastic ribbed panel. In this way, the dust-proof enclosure system caters for the stringent requirements of contemporary environmental protection, noise prevention, weatherproofing and bystander safety – regardless of whether it’s for demolition work causing lots of dust, for corrosion prevention measures using a high proportion of blasting material, or for asbestos clearance. Thanks to its excellent acoustic insulation properties, it can also be used for temporary noise control walls. Emissions are reduced by more than 75 percent.

It will be interesting for the readers of Stroiteli magazine to tell more about other innovations or new products you are working on?
To create “more possibilities” for its customers in the future too, Layher continuously and enthusiastically experiments with new products. Making scaffolding construction even easier, even safer and above all even more economical is at the centre of its focus. The latest innovations will being presented at next years’ BAUMA in Munich.

In conclusion, would you share some plans or expectations about future development of the company? What kind of business goals have you set?
Strengthening our existing global network of subsidiaries and distribution partners is an important goal. Therefore, we ensure that we are always close to our customers and their challenges – delivering local ideas, solutions, expertise and service. Our sales engineers are available on all five continents, backed by ample inventories, ensuring we can flexibly respond to the demands of regional markets at all times. We are therefore well equipped to deliver the right solutions, with the right people, in the right place. And we continue to extend and enhance our international network – because we know that being close to our customers makes more possible for them.