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Bosch introduces complete High Definition surveillance portfolio

Bosch introduces complete High Definition surveillance portfolio

With over 40 years experience in security systems, Bosch has an uncompromising vision to deliver high quality, easy-to-use, smart and interoperable security solutions. With the introduction of a complete portfolio of HD solutions Bosch addresses the growing demand for HD systems in the network (IP) security market and takes image quality to the next level. With more detailed images, operators can distinguish small features in a scene ideal for facial recognition and similar applications.

"Now is the ideal time for introducing a complete HD solution for capturing, viewing, storing and managing HD video", said Gert van Iperen, President of Bosch Security Systems. "And all the products in our Bosch HD portfolio are specifically designed to deliver HD image quality. They feature advanced H.264 video compression, intuitive operator software, ONVIF conformance and a "vision-friendly" 16:9 aspect ratio."

The Bosch H.264 implementation offers the benefits of broadcast quality video with up to 50% less storage space compared to MPEG-4. Every detail in the image is captured without any compromise in frame rate an important feature for object recognition. The scalable recording solutions from Bosch allow security systems to be easily expanded to support HD, keeping initial investment costs down and supporting further system expansion.

Leading the way in interoperability, all Bosch HD products are fully ONVIF conformant to ensure they integrate easily with third-party security solutions. Bosch\s intuitive software offerings allow security personnel to view and manage both HD and standard definition appliances seamlessly in the same system. This gives operators an easy to use system and allows integrators to choose the appropriate imaging solution for each location in an application.

Smart functionality through Bosch\s IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) includes automatic alarming and search. Optimized for HD, IVA provides more info in the same field of view, resulting in better analytics and more accurate analysis.