STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

Building integration: Most efficient flexible solar module to date presented at BAU 2011

The most efficient flexible solar module for building integration to date will be presented by thin-film producer Global Solar Energy at BAU 2011. The 300 Watt module is based on Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) technology and produces approximately twice as much energy as flexible silicon solar cells. At 12,6 percent efficiency, it boasts the highest efficiency among flexible solar modules in the market. Its low weight of just 2,5 kilograms per square meter also makes the "PowerFLEXI BIPV" suitable for roofs with a relatively low load bearing capacity.
We have seen that the construction industry has not yet found the ideal solar solution for roofs. Our flexible solar module is going to revolutionize building-integrated solar power generation. Its flexibility makes it suitable for many innovative applications both on rooftops and in facades. There is no other solar module with this degree of efficiency in the market, said Jean-Noel Poirier, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at the US headquarters of Global Solar Energy. Even installations costs are lower than those of any other flexible module currently available.