STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

Daikin extends heat pump inverter chiller series

With the new EWYD-BZ inverter units, Daikin now extends its heat pump inverter chiller series and heralds a new generation of air-to-water heat pumps. The innovative systems are ideal for cooling and/or heating applications in public buildings such as offices, shop complexes or hotels. Due to the use of inverter-driven single screw compressors the new units enable considerable savings in annual energy costs in both heating and cooling operations.

Daikin's extended EWYD-BZ series can fully match a building's thermal load (up to 50°C leaving water temperature), even in ambient temperatures down to -12°C. The inverter boosts the compressor to follow the required thermal load resulting in substantial energy and cost savings in heating mode compared to a traditional heat pump and gas boiler system.

This also applies in cooling mode where inverter control again allows a boost in capacity when it is needed most in higher outdoor temperatures. Thus there is no need to oversize installations, adding to the significant cost savings offered by the new series.

The EWYD-BZ units are energy-efficient, both in cooling and heating modes, with good EER, ESEER and COP values. They are also designed for easy connection to Building Automation Systems and Management Systems.

Daikin Europe's new heat pump inverter series is available in two versions – standard noise (EWYD-BZNN) and low noise version with a reduction of 6.5dBA (EWYD-BZLN) – with an extensive capacity range (cooling capacity from 250 to 580 kW) designed for a variety of commercial applications. Available in thirteen sizes the systems can be combined to efficiently serve even the largest applications.