STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

ISTRICE fibrers were presented at SAIE 2009

ISTRICE by Fili&Forme is a synthetic structural fibre produced using high-density and high-resistance virgin materials designed for use as an alternative to electro-welded mesh and metal fibre support, as a secondary and simultaneous reinforcement for the primary structural reinforcement of concrete.

ISTRICE is a certified patented product, the result of 100% Italian design, research and technology, in addition to the guarantee and service of Fili&Forme, a world leader
in the field of synthetic monofilaments.
The main features of ISTRICE fibres:
- innovative design which produce the maximum effect of adherence to the cement matrix;
- an engineered ratio between the contact surface and the fibre volume which does not compromise the workability;
- three-dimensional distribution in the concrete with uniformity throughout the entire casting volume without segregation or formation of clumps;
- are produced with thermoplastic polymers that have excellent resistance and high density;
- are not subject to collapse performance in humid or aggressive, have excellent properties of long-term stability.