STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

The new ABS lifting station Sanimat 2002

The new ABS lifting station Sanimat 2002

ABS Group introduces the ABS lifting station Sanimat 2002, which completes the range of safe and convenient liftingstations for domestic and commercial wastewater disposal.

With the launch of ABS lifting station Sanimat 2002 the range is now complete and ABS can provide the ideal solution for backwash prevention and sewage disposal in single-family homes and residential buildings, hospitals and medium-sized businesses.

The new ABS Sanimat 2002 preserves the typical features of the smaller versions - Sanimat 1000 and 1002 – stretching easy installation, low installation costs, low-noise levels and secure operation.

The unit has a compact design suitable also for smaller areas. For safe and convenient installation, the unit is delivered preassembled, fully wired and ready for direct connection. The self-regulating level control automatically seeks the ideal operating point protecting the pump against running dry and guaranteeing maximum operational safety. To ensure long service life and reliable sealing, the ABS Sanimat 2002 is equipped with a high-grade ball check valve in cast iron. In conjunction with the 4-pole low-speed motor the silently released ball check valve ensures even and low-noise operation.

For additional safety, the unit is equipped with an extra battery driven alarm independent of power supply. Safety is further enhanced as manual operation is made possible only by pressing and holding the push-button switch.