STROITELI - magazine for building materials and technologiesyear XIX, issue 7, 2022

Upgraded Cat F Series 434F and 444F Backhoe Loaders

Caterpillar is upgrading its equal sized tyre (EST) machine range in line with the rest of the F Series product family. The new Cat 434F is solely mechanically controlled. The 444F, equipped with pilot joystick controls, can be fitted with either a 4.27m (14 feet) or a 4.87m (16 feet) backhoe.
In the European Union (EU), the F Series backhoe loaders uses the Cat 4.4 engine. The Cat 4.4. engine meets EU Stage IIIA emission standards, providing customers with the most efficient, cost effective solution to meet their operating needs. An EU Stage IIIB solution will be phased in during the second half of 2013.
For markets with less stringent emission standards than the EU, the F Series backhoe loaders will use the Cat 3054C engine, which has emission levels equivalent to EU Stage II. Engines that meet EU Stage IIIA emission standards are available in non-EU markets that require highly regulated emission levels, such as Turkey.
A new lock-up torque converter is available as an option on all Autoshift models, reducing fuel consumption and increasing average road speed to boost productivity. The full Autoshift transmission is now fitted on the 434F. The Cat 444F is equipped with a stiffer torque converter, demonstrating more power in hard bank and faster acceleration when roading.
Boosted brakes are now standard on all F Series models, enhancing braking performance and reducing pedal effort for the operator. An electronic torque limiter on the 444F improves controllability at lower engine speeds, further increasing productivity and operator comfort.
Three different steering modes, two-wheel steer, circle steer and crab steer, can be selected on the fly to allow the operator to control the machine with the most efficient steering mode.
Both the Cat 434F and 444F machines are fitted with auto-align steering for a quick and easy switch of steering modes that allows the operator to continue his work without manually realigning the steering.
Performance at the loader end gets a significant boost with the new F Series models. New loader arm design increases maximum hinge-pin and dump height with lift capacity at maximum height increased by as much as 36 percent. In addition, loader improvements with true parallelism when raising the bucket result in better material retention. Operators can truck the load more easily without losing any material, thus improving productivity.
A new sloping engine hood design combined with improved hose routings enhances operator visibility to the work tool both over the hood and either side of the loader arms. This helps with applications such as grading or grabbing when precision of work tool is important.
A new footstep, mounted on the front fender, allows for a comfortable and safe stance when performing daily checks of regular service points. The engine side panels require no tools to remove, allowing technicians to access the engine with ease. A hinged cooling pack further improves access for cleaning and servicing and helps reduce downtime on site.
A new hydraulic tank design with suction strainer improves machine reliability and incorporates a larger replaceable cartridge-type filter. A non-metallic 160-litre fuel tank reduces condensation and eliminates corrosion, improving reliability. With the batteries located in the nose of the machine there is a new battery isolator providing increased security. A remote engine jump-start in the event of low battery power is also available.