INFRABILD - magazine for construction equipment and toolsyear XVI, issue 6, 2022

New H25D hydraulic hammer extends the range of powerful D-series hammers for machines weighing 800 1100kg

New H25D hydraulic hammer extends the range of powerful D-series hammers for machines weighing 800  1100kg

Caterpillar announced the introduction of the H25D hydraulic hammer. This new hammer combines simplicity and cost-effectiveness with a class leading power to weight ratio that is optimized for demolition and recycling.
The release of the H25D hammer is another addition to the successful line of D-series hammers designed with the customers satisfaction in mind, says Scott Graham, EAME Sales Manager, Caterpillar Work Tools. We look forward to providing our customers with improved value in support of their demolition and recycling tasks."

Features and Benefits:
The H25D includes a number of new and improved features designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. These include the following:

1. Simplified design for Reliability and Serviceability
The H25D has been designed with focus on reliability and ease of serviceability. The simple design has a streamlined shape that provides good access to narrow places. Also it features just two moving parts to minimise maintenance. Furthermore the H25D has no tie rods, an integrated accumulator and integrated lower tool busing.

2. High blow rate
The H25D has a high blow rate, which translates into high productivity. Also it features constant blow energy regardless of the oil flow adjustment (within the specifications).

3. No periodical gas recharging
No periodical gas recharging is required for the H25D, whilst servicing or resealing. The replacement of the single lower tool busing can be done in a matter of minutes enhancing minimal down time and better productivity.

4. Caterpillar Integral Mounting arrangement
The hammer comes with a complete mounting group for the HEXMN 300.9D machine.

5. Ease of re-bushing
The single bushing can be replaced in 10 minutes.

Caterpillar supports its work tools with a comprehensive range of pre- and after-sales services that cover everything from advice on work tool selection to operator training, equipment management, and a range of financial and insurance products.